Customer benefits with opensource software

We are committed to our customers. Therefore, we use open source software in the implementation of our projects.

Open source means cost savings

While the use of proprietary solutions or in-house developments require large license fees, open source software offers free use.

Open source means speed

While using open source software, there are many freely available modules to meet specific project requirements. This allows us to implement customer projects quickly.

Open source means security

Widely used open source systems such as Drupal have a worldwide installation base and thus many involved administrators, users and programmers. Should there appear a security problem somewhere in the world, it is recognized very quickly and the community can deploy security updates in a very short time.

With the open source system eZ Publish, we rely on a system whose stability and security is paramount. eZ Publish is additionally in the product responsibility of the Norwegian company eZ systems and is an integrated platform for classic corporate websites, intranets/extranets, document management and web portals.

Open source means independence

Using open source software instead of proprietary software, we are not depending on service providers or manufacturers.
Do you have any questions about the benefits of open source software? Get in touch, we look forward to meeting you!


Drupal is a very flexible content management system, and thanks to its application framework virtually any internet application can be realized with it quickly and with high quality. Details

eZ publish

eZ Publish is an extremely stable and object-oriented content management system, which is managed and marketed next to the open source community by the Norwegian company eZ Systems. Details

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is a collaborative project born with the aim of creating an operating system and a full selection of application programs, and to use free and open source software. Ubuntu Linux is the basis of all systems used by us.

Apache Webserver

The Apache HTTP Server is an open source and free product of the Apache Software Foundation and the most widely used Web server on the Internet.


MySQL is the most widely used relational database management system. It is available as open-source software for different operating systems and forms the basis for many dynamic websites.


Piwik is an open source web analytics software. Piwik provides detailed real-time reports of your visitors, used search engines and keywords, the language, your popular pages and much more.