Fish worlds

How the sunfish comes out into space?

By the middle of 2013 Intermundia GmbH and joint forces to set up Intermundia Solutions GmbH. With the merging of our expertise and resources, we are able to offer our customers an even better and more efficient service.

The sunfish we have assumed in our new logo because we cling to it.


Our sunfish is not only a very special beauty, he also holds several records in the world of fish. With a weight of up to 2.3 tons, it is considered the heaviest of all the bony fishes and - more importantly, the females lay up to 300 million eggs per spawning, a solitary position on the top.

Art fish

But we kept the other fishes as well. Here, for example, fishes made from cans by the artist Orson Buch, fished in Barcelona.